Group Weight Loss Treatment

You have the power to disrupt the cycle of weight struggle by changing the way you think. When you choose your thoughts, you change your emotions and actions. Your brain literally changes as you create and act on new thought patterns.

Our proven methods help you learn how to make choices that result in sustainable weight loss and health.

We incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools, skills and discussions into our weekly group weight loss treatment sessions. Choosing group treatment gives you the added benefit of being part of a community of women who can learn from and encourage each other.

Journaling about cognitive behavioral therapy for weight loss

What to Expect

When you struggle with your weight, it can feel alienating and lonely. It helps to learn from each other, to hear each others’ questions and to cheer each other on. Being part of a group weight loss session helps you learn how to show kindness to yourself as you create change within a circle of safety and kindness among peers.

Each group weight loss session is led by Dr. Sample. She will facilitate questions and discussion, which play an integral role in the treatment. You may be asked to keep a journal in between sessions. (Note: Part of treating each other with kindness is respecting one another’s privacy. Confidentiality will be part of each session.)

Before your first group treatment session, you will have a phone call with Dr. Sample to personalize your care and determine if the group setting is right for you. You will discuss your values, goals and motivations, as well as your obstacles to success.

You will identify existing thought patterns, challenge their validity, and develop new patterns in line with your goals. The group setting helps you learn to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would offer to a friend.

Group sessions will last 90-120 minutes and will cycle through 8 topics on a drop-in schedule.  Sessions can be scheduled September, 2020!

Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Groups

Pregnancy is an emotional time in your life. You’re dealing with many hormones, physical changes, and lifestyle changes. But even with these big changes, you can choose your thoughts and learn how to align them to your goals. 

→ Pre-conception: Your pre-pregnancy weight is one of the most important predictors of your fertility and pregnancy health, including your risks for infertility, miscarriage, gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, pre-term delivery, or cesarean section. If you are planning on becoming pregnant soon, this is a great time to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

→ Pregnancy: Congratulations! Now it’s important to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Stay active and have healthy weight gain. Learn how to address popular misconceptions like “You’re eating for two!”, or that it is unsafe to be active. 

→ Post-Partum: Learn which choices you can make that will support your recovery from pregnancy, allow you to breastfeed if you choose, and help you to manage sleep deprivation and hormonal changes. Be supported and encouraged as you work toward reaching your pre-pregnancy weight.