Individual Weight Loss Treatment

At the center of Kind Circle is our belief that you have the power to choose your thoughts, which directly change your emotions and actions. We use proven methods to help you literally change your brain so you can make choices that result in sustainable weight loss and health.

We use personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools and skills in our weekly sessions. You’ll learn how to disrupt the cycle of weight struggle.

During an Individual Weight Loss Treatment Session, you will meet one-one-one with Dr. Sample to personalize your care. In your first session, we will discover your values, goals and motivations, as well as your obstacles to success.

Over the course of 8-12 weekly sessions, we will identify existing thought patterns, challenge their validity and develop new patterns in line with your goals.

After our sessions, you will have the skills you need to gradually, sustainably reach your best weight.

Kind Circle Weight Wellness clinic logo on water bottle

What to Expect

So often, weight loss feels born of desperation. Our sessions are the opposite. Our goal is to help you calmly identify and address unhelpful thoughts. We are not here to judge you, but to support you. As we progress through our sessions, you’ll discover that behavioral change gets easier over time.

Much of your session will involve talking with Dr. Sample. You may be asked to keep a journal in between sessions.

Your first session will last 90 minutes. Sessions 2-8 will last 50 minutes.

Visits can be scheduled starting September, 2020!